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Sasan Gir National Park

Lion at Sasan Gir, Gujrat

It is one of the high-flying tourist spots of Gujarat, which is visited by a number of tourists throughout the year. This is among the best protected forests in India, which is located at the bottom of the Saurasktra peninsula and spread over an area of 1412 sq. km. ?The Gir lion sanctuary project was initiated in 1972, and the sanctuary became the home of the Asiatic Lions. The ecosystem of this place supports diverse flora and fauna, which makes it among the high flying destinations of Gujarat. According to the census 2,375 distinct flora and fauna species are found here.

The topography of this place is rugged and has low hills around. In addition to the two seasons of summer and winter, Gir has a tropical monsoon climate which supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. The vegetation comprises of dry deciduous forests, which support the short and gnarled teak trees, thorn bushes and grassland. Along the main rivers and streams specific belt of vegetation is found, which is rich in Jambu, Karanj, Umro, Vad, Kalam and any more.

Diversity in flora and favorable climatic condition support a large number of wildlife species who are residing here. According to the census, this wildlife sanctuary supports over 450 plant species, 32 mammals, 310 birds, 24 reptiles and over 2,000 species of insects. Sasangir is best known for Asiatic Lions, but it also has a sizable population of Leopards, who are more visible here than in any other wildlife sanctuaries of India.

The major attraction for tourists visiting Sasan Gir National Park is the lion safari. The jeep safari is a pleasing and convenient way to explore the richness of the varied wildlife of this sanctuary. The Gir Interpretation Zone of this place is the most sought after destination of this safari. This zone is of 4 sq km chained fence with feeding-cum-living cages for the carnivores and a double-gate entry system invites several animals, which provide sights of wildlife from close quarters.


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