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Bhavnagar Tourist Places

Taj Mahal Agra

Acknowledged for its commercial significance, Bhavnagar is the sixth largest city in Gujarat. It is endowed with both religious and scenic importance, including palaces, forts and old temples. Enveloped with the historic charm, tourists from all over the world come to explore Bhavnagar to experience the rich diversity of Gujarat.


Bhavnagar was founded by Rajput leader of Suryavanshi clan, Bhavsinhji Gohil in 1724. Before being merged with India in 1947, it was the capital of the princely Bhavnagar state. The ruins of the fortified town that Bhavnagar initially was, still remains in bits and pieces. In addition, Bhavnagar also was a major trading port, engaged in active trade with Persian Gulf, Singapore, Zanzibar and Mozambique.

Following are the main attractions of Bhavnagar:

Takhteshwar Temple

This historic temple is perched on a hill top. It endows a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Gulf of Cambay. It was constructed in 1893. The panoramic and serene view of the entire city from the temple's centre is very engaging.

Gaurishankar Lake

It is definitely a paradise for aviphiles. One can easily spot birds such as cranes, pelicans, geese and ducks here. The Bhav Vilas Palace is located on the banks of the lake.

Barton Library

Known as one of the oldest libraries in Gujarat, it currently also houses a museum. Its Gothic art windows bestow it a unique charm. It is located in Diwanpara Road, Vora Bazar.

Nilambag Palace

Built in 1859, it is one of the most beautiful heritage hotels in Gujarat. The Gohil dynasty of Bhavnagar used to reside here. Its ancient paintings, garden restaurant and the Czeckoslovakian chandeliors are the main attractions of this palace.

Victoria Park

Known as one of the most beautiful locations in the city, this park is a paradise for birds and wildlife watchers. Indian birds like waders, perching and raptors can be found here.

When to Reach

The best time to reach Bhavanagar is in between July to September due to favourable weather conditions.

How to Reach

Air: The Bhavnagar airport is located 9 km away from the city.
Rail: The Bhavnagar railway station is well connected with different cities in India.
Road: Volvo, tourist, luxury or state buses are available to reach Bhavnagar from different cities of Gujarat.


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