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Balasinor Travel, Gujrat


A wonderful tourist destination in Gujarat, Balasinor is popularly known as Jurassic Park of India. Millions of tourists travel Balasinor to watch the hundreds of fossils of Dinosaurs. Many dinosaur eggs and fossils were excavated at the place and tourists can still see the skin, bones, eggs at this site. This is the only place in the world where visitors can hold a dinosaur eggs, dating back to 65 million years.


Founded in the 18th century, Balasinor was ruled by Nawab Babi. In the year 1981, during the search for mineral rich by geological survey of India, dinosaur fossils were discovered in Balasinor. That gained popularity to Dinosaur tourism in Balasinor. The soft soil of the place has preserved the fossils in the best possible manner.

Attractions in Balasinor

Balasinor Fossil Park

Located in Raiyoli village, the park is also called as Raiyoli Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Site.
At this place, tourists can see around 65 years old fossils of dinosaurs. Gujarat Tourism is also developing the region as a Jurassic Park with realistic models of dinosaurs.

Ambaji Temple

This is an old temple in Balasinor and is worth to pay a visit. Visitors can also visit this temple while visiting the Jurassic Park.

Wanakbori Dam

Built on the Mahi river, this dam is a perfect place for enjoying picnics. Many tourists visiting Balasinor also come to the place with family.

Timba Tuva

It is a natural hot water sulphur springs carrying an interesting history. People believe that the spring has the curative powers to cure diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. According to the Hindu legends, Bhim ( A Pandav from Mahabharat) married Hadimba st this place. Visitors can see here a wedding mandap as well as foot prints of Bhim.


This is an ideal site for picnic. The region of Galteshwar is also famous for old temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva.


This famous city is located 50 km away from Balasinor. It is known for well-preserved old Hindu and Jain temples. In the year 2004, Champaner became the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can see here the old palace, fort and several mosques.


There are not many accommodation options available in the city of Balasinor. There is only one hotel in Balasinor, named as the Garden Palace. It is a heritage property, which has only eight rooms. Situated 20 minutes away from the Jurassic Park, Camp Dinosaur tents are available for accommodation.


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