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Mehsana Travel

Sun Temple, Mehsana

Mehsana is one of the important cities in the state of Gujarat . It is located at a distance of 74 km from Ahmedabad. It is a home of one of the biggest iron and steel markets of India. It is also known for the largest milk dairy called Dudhsagar Co-operative milk dairy. In addition to this Mehsana has some of the worth visiting sites. These sites offer unique travel experience which you will surely remember for long. Some of the stopovers of Mehsana are Modhera, Siddhpur, Patan Sun Temple, Jain temples and many more.

Main Attractions

Rani Udaymati Vav

It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Guajrat. This fine architectural supremacy features the grandeur of Solanki period. Splendid architecture of Rani Udaymati Vav attracts tourists from across the globe. Step wells of this Vav were built in 1050 AD and are one of the grandest step wells in Gujarat. The multi chambered structural design of this Vav served as a summer retreat for the royal families. The intricate carvings of more than 800 sculptures adorning the walls hypnotize visitors with their beauty. These carved sculptures articulate some of the mysterious stories of Indian legacy.


Langhanaj is famous across the world for its archaeological importance. The unearthed 14 fossilized skeletons and microliths reveal interesting facts of human evolution.? Detailed study of the unearthed things shows close similarity with the pre-historic man of East Africa. Apart from this the study also discloses that Langhanaj was once the home of aborigine.

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

It is the research laboratory for Ornithologists and dreamland for bird’s watchers. The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 6.99 square kilometers and is renowned for scenic grandeur. The sanctuary is famous for Water Birds and one can also see some rare species of birds here. A boat ride in the sanctuary gives you the closer view of natural wonders. Some of the bird species found here are wildfowl, flamingos, gray pelicans, black ibis and wetland birds.

Sun Temple

This temple represents the finest example of architectural dominance based on civil engineering methodology. The Sun Temple is constructed in such a manner that the rays of rising and setting sun light up the idol in the innermost sanctum . Built in 1026 AD by King Bhimdev of Solanki dynasty, the temple has a lotus-shaped plinth . The temple comprises of three separate but axially-aligned parts known as Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap.

This incredible temple acts as a background during the Indian Classical Dance festival which is held for three days every year in January month. The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat organizes this annual festival of dance. This traditional dance festival is based on actual concept of Indian art and culture. This festival is a much- awaited function for the people across the globe.

Mehsana is a small but mesmerizing town, which attracts tourists from across the globe. This is the place of historical, cultural and religious importance. It is the place where people from diverse ethnic backgrounds live in perfect harmony.? The local restaurant of Mehsana offers some of the delectable dishes of rural India which is enough to satisfy your appetite. Apart from relishing mouthwatering cuisine you can also indulge in shopping and take back home some beautiful souvenirs.


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